Veterans Leadership Program is proud to have an outstanding group of community leaders serving on our Board of Directors. Each of our board members, many of whom are Veterans, are committed and dedicated to VLP’s staff and Veterans. Through a variety of committees, board members stay engaged and provide additional support to ensure that VLP has the resources and opportunities to grow and to fulfill its mission in the community.

Joe Lucot, Chair

John L. McGonigle, Vice Chair

Marcel Minutolo, Ph.D, Secretary

Jack Klinger, Treasurer

Tim Bidlack

Michael Cherock

Lora Dikun

Dan Dingus

Robert T. Garretson

Adam Gubitosi

Stacy Juchno

Joe Kuklis

Dave McMillan

Paul McDonnell

Leslie McGee

Michele Papakie, D.Sc.

Chris Phillips

Robert Sheesley, MBA

John Stakeley, D.Sc.

Anthony Stough

Stacey Vaccaro

James Urban

Emeritus Members
Anthony W. Accamando, Jr.
Thomas M. Fitzgerald, Jr.