, an online tool dedicated to helping shoppers save money on everyday purchases, has recently made a donation to Veterans Leadership Program of Western Pennsylvania after a simple Google search.

“After doing research on local veteran groups in Pittsburgh, it is our pleasure to help Veterans Leadership Program. This donation is our way to thank veterans for their sacrifices to our country from every one of us at Chameleon John.”

ChameleonJohn offers online discount offers from thousands of major online retailers and compiles them on one website for ease of use. The company focuses on finding the best online deals to help all visitors to the site get the most out of each purchase. Users can save up to 70% while collecting coupons provided on You can start collecting coupons on the website here.

Saving consumers money is not the only work being done at ChameleonJohn to help community members. As the company grew, ChameleonJohn developed a budget to make donations to nonprofit organizations. The company researches organizations with a mission to serve others. has donated to over 100 organizations in the last year and plans to raise that number in 2016.

Read more about and its co-founder in a recent Forbes article here.

Veterans Leadership Program was overjoyed to receive this generous donation from ChameleonJohn. There are many costs associated with helping veterans find safe and affordable housing as well as gainful employment. For example, you may recall how quickly expenses added up when you rented your first apartment or bought your first home. You had to buy (or borrow from friends and family) furniture, bedding, towels, cookware and other common household necessities. Those items aren’t cheap! Or, you may recall graduating from college and needing clothes or means of transportation to go to your first job interview. For many of our veterans, they are experiencing a very similar situation, but with no income and a family to feed, any extra money to spend on household items, business clothing or bus passes is hard to come up with.

We ask that when you make your next donation, please keep in mind that any donation helps us a great deal when serving veterans who come to us in need.