Soar (2)

VLP can assist eligible Veterans apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits using the SOAR model.

What is SOAR?
SOAR (SSI/SSDI Outreach, Access, and Recovery) is a national program supported by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). SOAR was designed to increase access to SSI/SSDI disability benefits administered by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Adults who are experiencing or at-risk of homelessness and have qualifying documentation of a physical and/or mental impairment by a licensed medical professional may be eligible to apply.

VLP has a dedicated Consumer Benefits Coordinator certified to assist Veterans with applying for SSI/SSDI disability benefits through the SOAR process. Our Consumer Benefits Coordinator meets with Veterans for one-on-one meetings to gather additional supporting medical evidence and to determine if we can assist the candidate with a SOAR application.

If you are experiencing a housing crisis, living in Allegheny County and have a documented disability, you may be eligible to apply for SSI/SSDI disability benefits through the SOAR process. For more information, please contact us at (412) 481-8200.


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